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Citizen’s Charter encourage families for women education

Abdulhaq maina residential area located in zone fifth of Jalalabad city. Which is one of the academic area of jalalabad but, unfortunately have some people with pessimistic mind, therefore they don’t want their daughters to be light of society this idea make a big wall between their daughters and education . The particular community insure many girls schools including(Nazo Ana High School, Dewa High School) but it seems non educational society only for the above reason.

I attend a training with Miss Hasina and I realize that we still have people who really don’t want their daughters to get education,a girl by the name of Kainat resident of Jalalabad was very talented girl but she only attended school till fifth class, I asked her reason that why you don't study further and I got a reply saying “miss my father said girl can’t get education.”

I share this matter with our office and got permission to arrange a meeting with his father and present all the prove and details that we have many female teachers in girls school, but I was unable to change his mind in first meeting so there for I arrange another meeting and finally I achieved my goal and he let his daughter to be a part of school, we talked to the principle and he gave a pre test to miss Kainat, now I'm proud to say that she is a student of Nazo Ana High School.

So we kindly request to the father of Kainat to pass our message as he can, he said the CCNP program brought big changes in our live which they won’t forget.

I think this is a good achievement. The community people revealed the sense of happiness and thanked CCNPP and FGA team for encouraging families for education specially women rights. And the elders of community, strong relation of community and CCNPP and confidence of community of CCNPP team.




Eng Fazila Ghaws M&E Officer




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