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A Female Returnee Transferring Skills to Help Out Poor Community

Alnoor is one of the residential areas located in district 7 of Jalalabad City. The particular CDC established under the additional financing contract specifically for IDPs and returnees. The titled community developmental council is comprised of 12 election units having 24 elected community representatives with equal number of both male and females.

All the way through the introduction and mobilization phases of CCNPP in district 7 by the FPs social organizers, the titled community females realized the importance of women inclusion and equity in citizens’ charter National Priority Program, but particularly during the participatory learning and action practices and exercises the FP senior female social organizer attracted the attention of the female having various skills and playing the role of a bread earner for the family.

Husan Zari returned from Pakistan as a returnee approximately two years ago and elected as unit head for unit number 6 by obtaining maximum number of votes during the unit election process. She has studied school only up to class six but on the other hand secured extensive amount of skills in producing various handicrafts.

My family was very poor, my husband was sick and not having any other income source in Pakistan to fulfill family needs and for the treatment of sick husband. I have gone through a miserable situation as a refugee but I have never lost the temper and tried to produce various local handicrafts by my own hands and made them available for sale in the local market that directly changed our family economic situation, she said. Husan Zari stated, I have got to know during the leaking pot and seasonal calendar exercises that female having various skills can increase their monthly income by producing handicrafts and made them available for sale in local market that will significantly improve their economic situation.

I have acquired various skills and would be available to transfer all these skills to the very poor female for free. My services in this regard would always be available to the community very poor females. I feel very lucky being part of the CCNPP program that truly provided a very handsome opportunity to serve our community’s poor females to made them earn money and combat poverty, Husan Zari said. She further expressed, I am very impressed from CCNPP such initiatives that encouraging poor and very poor households to increase income by working and using various skills and avoid unnecessary cultures and expenditures that will significantly improve their living standard. The community poor women exhibited the sense of very happiness and thanked CCNPP, FGA team and Husan Zari for their tremendous initiative to serve poor community females.



By Senior Social:

Khalida Shinwari




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