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Citizens charter motivates family elders to obtain Afghan Identity Cards for female

District 6 (Khalis families) is one of the administration units of Jalalabad municipality located in the south side of the city. The mentioned District is comprised of internal displace people, returnees and economic migrants of various districts of Nanagarhar for example Chaparhar, Khogyani, Debala, Rodat, Chamtala etc and other provinces of Afghanistan such as Kunar, Laghman, Baghlan, Paktya and Logar.

Majority of women in the mentioned District do not hold Afghan identity cards and thus are denied access to a wide range of services. Afghan ID card is only obtained for women in a narrow set of circumstances such as, to get passports when they go on the hajj (pilgrimage) or to other countries for health care. Otherwise women do not get IDs though it plays a vital role in access to basic facilities from medical care, education and banking to employment and voting, but many women told that their family had refused them permission to apply for Afghan ID cards.

A female resident of the particular area who said that male family members has a responsibility to obtain IDs for their sisters, mothers and wives but this simply did not happen. “There are 10 women in our family, including my mother, three sisters, two sisters-in-law, and four nieces, but none of them has an ID," she said.

One of the female said she did not know that getting Afghan ID card is equally important for both male and female. She only realized she needed an ID card after she became the vice chairperson of the community and the citizen charter employees asked her for afghan ID card. she said "This is new for us, this is the initiative of the citizen charter program and we will try to provide public awareness about this to encourage family elders’ to get IDs for women."

All the way through the citizen charter program within few months the circumstances are changed and the elders of the families are convinced to get Afghan ID cards for their women.






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