Success Stories

Reconciling two Brothers’ Hostile-Families after Many Years

In Loye Meran community there were two brothers Kafter Khan and Nabi Khan, who lived there peacefully and friendly. Suddenly due to some indifference between them they became unfriendly and conflict between them began over anything they shared. Conflict between the two families stayed for longer period; however community elders tried to reconcile the families.


As part of CCNPP mobilization plan FGA social team started mobilizing Loye Meran community so that the execution of the program for this community begins. All the way through mobilization process in both small and large meetings the social team enriched the mentioned community in various aspects of the CCNPP. Within team’s presence in community in addition to other issues the team learned the real driver of these two brothers conflict.

The team in their debriefing session decided to resolve these two brothers issue by using their good linkage and confidence they had in the community during the CCNPP implementation. The team knew that one of the leading objectives of the program is to bring positive change and this was the occasion to get benefit and reconcile the families. As a result Mr. Kafter Khan and Nabi Khan embraced each other and put away the long period conflict between the two families.






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