Success Stories

Women in Families Learned How to Control Home Expenses

In district-7, SOs team had a 3-day PLA training for beneficiaries in GA first Pahtoon Abad CDC. The training was aimed to raise women’s awareness in family expenses control and their collaboration with each other. Women participants in this training learned how to control their home expenses; especially they learned much from the’ Leaking Pot’. After getting acquaintance with the leaking pot attendants promised to implement it in their daily expenses that they make in their families as they now know how to control the outgoing/ expenses.


Few days later when the team went to the field one of the family member told the team that before PLA was taught they used to spend two sacks of flour per month with two or three sacks of barren bread/Na-ni-Qaq, while after the training we saved some and cut down to six glass of flour per day. In fact, women in our families learned how to manage their daily family expense.

One of the beneficiaries said, “Now we apply trainers’ advices in our life and try much to control our expenses and to stop the leaking pot by which we face with economic problems”.





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