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Eat That Much To Stay Alive

Mr. Wahidullah is the only source of income for his family members, making him a hardworking person, mostly busy in skill labor in a Construction Company to earn some money and feed his family. Wahidullah says he does not have a good life as he explains. He lost his both feet in a bomb blast in Jalalabad city few years ago after the incident he was admitted to hospital for treatment, where he remained for over a year.


As he was the only source of income for his family so his family started borrowing money, getting Zakat and Sadaqa from others. This continues for two or three months as this assistance was stopped by neighbors and relatives who used to pay, but Wahid’s family was not in a position to repay the previous loan. Consequently, the family was passing a miserable time, even his youngest son at the age of 10 and his daughter at the age of 8 years start begging in streets in Jalalabad city to earn some money and buy food to stay alive.

Time passed and after 14 months’ treatment, he returned home and was worrying much as he was not in the stage to work on daily wages and make a living as used to before. Mr.Wahid was so confused of finding any source of money to start his previous small business job. At this junction he hears the voice of door’s knocking and walks to see the door. By opening the door, he eyes FGA assessment team searching for vulnerable host communities for WFP Cash Based Transfer program. He says, “After a short interview they took my telephone numbers and other information and promised me to provide 6855 AFN in cash in near future”.

Wahid continued to say his story of life change. I and my family felt so happy and was counting days, after few days I received call to bring your ID card and get your amount, after receiving the amount I bought credit cards and start selling in the market. I have started this business with small scale but with one month my business improves by keeping contact and relations with other credit cards dealers in the market. Now I can buy huge amount of credit cards by providing small amount of money, my business is growing day by day. He is now happy and is satisfied with his life as he claims, “My life is now quite better at the beginning I was earning 200 to 300 AFN but now 500 to 600 AFN per day, through which I can fulfil the daily need of my family.

Wahidullah is very much thankful to World Food Program for their assistance and expressing his gratitude to FGA for selecting him as vulnerable for WFP Cash Based Transfer program. In addition, he said that this program is very helpful for the poor families in Nangarhar province and requested WFP to expand this program to other provinces of the country, as well.





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