FGA showcased Civil Society Innovations during World Water Day exhibition

Over hundreds of UN and Civil Society partners came together celebrated and partners showcased their services and products related to the World Water Day in UNOCA compound- Kabul on 25 March 2019. The celebration/exhibition started with opening speech of UNAMA’s Special Representative for Sectary General (SRSG) followed by visiting each partner’s exhibition room. Access to clean water in Afghanistan is big issue and in turn would value and use of water wisely. No one behind” Whoever you are, wherever you are, water is your human right was world water day them for year 2019 and therefore, everyone, in their products and services emphases on water conservation and convey the message that how valuable water is.

Participants of World Water Day Exhibition


UNAMA’ SRSG visited World Water Day FGA’s show cased and briefed on the civil society’s invocations working with Community Environmental Institutions on 24 environmental conservation themes where water is one of them. The goal of the empowering CEIs was to sensitize, engage and give lead of ownership to communities for involving them in grass root level consultation and decision making process in all 24 environmental conversation themes particularly at the water supply issues in urban communities. This initiative funded by SGP/UNDP with NEPA guidance. FGA used various communication tools (Videos, banners, photos, brochures and information leaflets) in order to better transform the knowledge, services and products to the visitor of exhibition which much appreciated by visitors.